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Kim Richards’ relationship with her daughter suffers on new reality show

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Kim Richards’ relationship with her daughter Kimberly Jackson has been one of the more stable ones we’ve seen on The Mother/Daughter Experiment. If you didn’t know anything about Richards’ life, you might wonder what these two are doing on this show at all. On Tuesday’s new episode, though, Richards’ confusing behavior hinted at some serious problems between the two.

The latest exercise in emotional distress for the mother/daughter duos involved one part of the pair interacting with faux gravestones. No one really took this particularly well — there were many tears and recriminations and near physical collapse, but Richards definitely pushed back the hardest about having to do it in the first place, while Jackson went with it, in spite of being super emotional, and felt that it helped her articulate why her mother is so important to her.

After Jackson’s vigil at her mother’s “grave,” the two proceeded to have a fight on the way back to the house, during which Richards said she wanted to go home. Jackson told her mother no way; she apparently moved her finals around so she could come and do the show (reminding us that she’s at least somewhat of a normal person with a non-reality show identity), and that things have been going great up until now.

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Richards and Jackson did some more quarreling, which seems to be about the fact that Jackson expressed emotions while at the faux gravesite. It was a bad day for everyone, what with all the crying and the simulated death, but for Richards, the drama seemed to last longer and reach a particularly fevered pitch.

She refused to come down to dinner, and when her daughter came up to get her, she was starting to pack her things.The episode ended without her fleeing, but with Natalie Nunn bursting in on a conversation she thought Richards was having about her, those two were apparently at it… again.

During the first therapy session of the season, Jackson admitted that she saw herself as a spouse when it came to her relationship with her mother — a caretaker, instead of a child.

On Tuesday, we heard the first references to Richards’ addiction from Kim herself, so I think we can safely assume that her emotional overload in this episode is about more than just watching her daughter see her fake gravestone. She’s likely carrying around a serious amount of guilt, which is manifesting itself in some particularly intense ways, and this might be just the beginning.

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Do you think Kim overreacted to the latest exercise on The Mother/Daughter Experiment? Are her emotions about her daughter or something more? Tell us in the comments!

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