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Jill & Jessa’s Josh Duggar comments on Counting On premiere upset viewers

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The Duggars are back! Well, the older ones, and Ben and Anna, and also Spurgeon, and Jill and Derick via video phone from Central America, where a cougar has been sighted in their backyard. On the premiere of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, giant amounts of food were prepared, which included stuffing enormous slabs of butter into a turkey, Jessa and Ben discussed who does what in terms of baby chores (apparently, he’s in charge of “output” and she’s in charge of “input”), and Anna went to visit Josh in “therapy.”

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There was no way a show about the older Duggar siblings was going to be able to avoid mentioning Josh — after all, this whole 19 Kids and Counting spinoff business started because of the abuse scandal that befell the family and, in particular, Jill and Jessa. While some fans praised Anna for sticking with her marriage, the majority of those tweeting during the first episode of Counting On were disgusted when Josh’s name was mentioned early in the episode when Anna was seen preparing to visit him — and when she returned, still determined to stick with her marriage (despite Josh having made some “wrong choices”) and continuing to love her husband when others had deemed him unlovable.
There are many things that are likely to happen in this season of Counting On: Jana and/or Jinger and/or one of the older boys might start courting/being courted. Jessa and Ben will have various parenting adventures. Large quantities of food will continue to be prepared and served to large quantities of people. The family will take a trip to Central America to visit Jill and Derick. The girls will probably go shopping and then talk about how when you’re from a big family, you have to make sacrifices and sometimes it’s difficult. Josh’s name is going to keep coming up — his siblings are still talking to him (his brothers admitted that they are, despite the fact that it’s hard), and TLC is more than aware that one of the reasons people are watching the show is because of Josh and his impact on the family. But one of the things that definitely won’t be happening, however, on or off the show, is Anna leaving Josh. It’s a sad truth, but one we’re going to have to accept, at least for the foreseeable future, which means viewers are going to have to decide if they can enjoy Counting On knowing that Josh is going to be taking up space on it, even if he’s not actually onscreen.

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What did you think of the premiere of Counting On? Are you upset that Josh was mentioned and that Anna went to visit him? Tell us in the comments!

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