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Zayn Malik may have just tattooed his face

There’s a good chance Zayn Malik just tattooed his flawless face in a major way. 

Never put it past Zayn Malik to take a risk and do something totally unexpected. The former One Direction singer, who is enjoying a successful solo music career, may have made a permanent change to his lovely face. Malik reportedly got two large tattoos on his face and posted the evidence on Instagram.

The 23-year-old “Pillow Talk” singer, who dates Gigi Hadid, appeared in a black and white photograph with a hummingbird tattoo on his collarbone and a bird/flower hydrid tat that extends from the right side of his forehead down to his cheekbone. The second tattoo also features the letters “M.O.M.,” which isn’t in honor of his mom, but rather promo artwork for his upcoming album, “Mind of Mine,” which will be released on March 25. Apologies in advance to anyone who “awww’d” before discovering he has turned himself into a walking billboard.

Anyway, here’s Malik with his latest face tattoos:
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I should mention he posted a second photo on IG that shows yet another tattoo on the other side of his neck, which appears to be a rose, though it’s difficult to make out and Malik isn’t commenting about them yet.

I’m not sure what to think. The fact that he captioned this photo “Like I would” leads me to believe that he is using the title of his second single to mess with fans and get them talking about him and his music. Would he actually take the plunge and ink a part of his body that he can never, ever conceal?

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Well, considering the fact that Malik once got a tattoo of ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards on his arm and that his body is a work of art, I’m inclined to believe that he would do this. Will he regret it one day? Sure, maybe. But a young man who jumped ship from one of the most successful bands on the planet and broke up with his fiancée (like, in the same breath) doesn’t strike me as the type who wastes time regretting past decisions.

Sigh. Oh, Zayn, you still have a beautiful face. It’s just that you’ve now made it more difficult to see your beautiful face. Different strokes.

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