The Amazing Race taps into everyone’s biggest fears

The Amazing Race pulled out all the stops during this week’s episode.

High up atop Mont Blanc in France, the teams had to scale the 11,000-foot mountain to get to their challenges, and both the contestants and the Internet freaked out about it.

One half of the Dancers team, Dana Borriello, had a full blown panic attack while trying to climb atop the mountain to deliver some lunch (and explosives!), which is ironic because her boyfriend, Matt Steffanina, revealed later in the show that he was a professional snowboarder before he was a dancer.

Many of the teams began to sweat, despite the apparently freezing temperatures on the gondola ride up to the challenge, including social media faves Tyler and Korey, Zach King, and mother-son team Sheri and Cole LaBrant.

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Fans of the show were quite literally biting their nails and gripping the edges of their seats, and of course tweeting the crap out of their anxiety over what was unfolding on their television screens.

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In addition to being terrified from the heights that the contestants were having to climb, people were losing their minds over the fact that they were having to deliver dynamite to be used for a controlled explosion on the side of the mountain.

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This episode really ramped-up everyone’s heartbeats. Once the challenge was complete, the contestants had to paraglide back off the mountain to complete a detour.

Ultimately, Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis were the last to get off the mountain and back to host Phil Keoghen, and were sadly sent home. This episode was telling in that it showed many more people than you’d think are really, really afraid of heights, and that The Amazing Race has some amazing camera people and a heck of a lot of insurance.


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