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Ben Affleck reveals a sad spoiler for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Ben Affleck spilled a major plot point about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and what happens nearly sends his character over the edge.

Affleck revealed that one of the people closest to Batman has died before the opening scene, and that death makes him question everything he has been fighting for.

“He’s bitterly disappointed in the past that he’s lost this guy who fought by his side,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “That character’s death must have been devastating to him, and he’s suffered. We get the sense that he’s suffered a lot of devastating losses before this movie even starts.”

Who is he talking about? Batman’s ever-trusty sidekick, Robin.

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While we don’t yet know how Robin meets his untimely demise, we won’t get to see it in the movie — he is already dead when the first frame rolls. However, in Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, which director Zack Snyder has said was a major influence on Batman v Superman, Robin is killed by the Joker and Batman takes on a new, female Robin.

Affleck also revealed one surprising character who has a tremendously positive effect on his Batman: Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince.

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“It inspires in him the idea that well, if there’s one of these kinds of people out there, then maybe there are in fact more,” he said of his fellow superhero. “If there are more, then maybe that’s hopeful and also terrifying to him, because then they could make humans even more powerless — or they could serve on our side. You’ve got to remember that Batman is the world’s greatest detective, and if he suspects that there may be more, and if he suspects in particular that Diana may be somebody special, he gets inspired.

“I think it’s exciting to him that she’s out there and, ultimately, without giving too much away, he realizes that it’s not only exciting, but also necessary that he finds more of them if they are, in fact, out there.”

See the new, jaded Batman when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.

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