Shark Tank's Sharks find their hearts thanks to kitty cuddles (PHOTOS)

Mar 11, 2016 at 11:36 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Even the hardest of Shark Tank hearts (ahem, Kevin O'Leary) can be melted with the help of a few furry friends. This was obvious during tonight's episode, which featured a welcome visit from several kitties!

From dogs to lionfish, several different kinds of animals have been featured in Shark Tank pitches. Tonight, the show expanded its animal repertoire with a chicken coop, a dog and several adorable cats. The kitties had the opportunity to hang out with a few of the Sharks while Victoria Coopman and Tim Taft made their pitch for Innovation Pet, Inc., a pet products company with a promising future.

Innovation Pet
Image: ABC

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Kitties are a great tool for anybody trying to get in the Sharks' good graces, but these little bundles of fur just might have made tonight's entrepreneurs a bit too confident. They somehow thought that the Sharks would go for $250,000 for 5 percent equity. Either that, or the entrepreneurs cleverly began with a very high pitch in hopes of being negotiated down to something more reasonable, yet favorable for their purposes. Overconfidence is the more likely explanation, as the entrepreneurs boasted about their company soon hitting an impressive $2.5 million in sales.

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Viewers expressed some interest in the very high pitch (and the eventual $250,000 for 12.5 percent Coopman and Taft snagged from Daymond John), but they mainly just wanted to see the Sharks hanging out with cats. Robert Herjavec especially seemed to have a good time, although he jokingly admitted that he knew all about being in the doghouse.

Robert Herjavec
Image: ABC

It wasn't exactly a surprise when Herjavec got all cuddly with the kitties, but viewers were taken aback when they saw Daymond John bonding with his new friends. Viewers were greatly appreciative of this budding friendship, as they made quite clear on Twitter:


Not only did John quickly bond with the cats from Innovation Pet, Inc., he offered up a very surprising revelation: He's in the market for chicken coops! While discussing this important product, he admitted to having purchased six coops recently — and to having been surprised by their price. Who knew John was such an animal lover?

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The best Shark Tank moments are usually either inspiring or cringe-worthy, but maybe the show needs to bring on a few more pet-loving entrepreneurs. The already entertaining series could be that much better if it featured a weekly dose of Herjavec and John chilling with kittens.

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