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TBBT star reveals Howard’s real-life reaction to Bernadette’s pregnancy

“We are pregnant.” Three simple words written on a Post-it note that will change The Big Bang Theory as we know it.

The TBBT fandom, of course, was ecstatic to learn of Bernadette’s pregnancy in a recent episode, and took to Twitter to express their elation.

Like fans, Bernadette’s little hunka hunka burning love Howard was initially excited at the baby news. But as we witnessed, his excitement quickly deteriorated into a full-on Wolowitz-style meltdown.

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While Howard might have entered DEFCON 5 concerning his impending fatherhood, Melissa Rauch — the actress who plays Bernadette — recently revealed that Simon Helberg’s real-life reaction to his character becoming a dad was much sweeter.

At the table read, I was just so in awe of how Howard was excited, and then it started chipping away at his brain,” Rauch told Us Weekly. “I looked into Simon’s eyes, and they were filled with tears. It was such a beautiful moment!”

Rauch also disclosed that she has much more confidence in Howard’s future parenting skills than he does, and that her real concern lies in Bernadette’s maternal instincts.

“I think Howard is going to be a phenomenal father,” she said. “I’m interested to see what the writers will do with Bernadette as a mother. We haven’t really seen her as the most maternal person. She does mother Howard quite a bit, though.”

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Will Bernadette’s pregnancy lead to a rash of baby fever on The Big Bang Theory? There’s no shortage of couples on the show that could provide a playdate for baby Wolowitz, especially now that Shamy are officially doing the dirty.

But the bigger question is, now that we have a lady with a baby coming through, can they finally fix that dang elevator?

Howard and Bernadette TBBT still
Image: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Were you excited about the news of the Wolowitz baby? Do you think Howard will be a good dad?

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