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Women of Shondaland gather to endorse Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Chances are, one of the requirements for working on a Shonda Rhimes set is to be politically aware. 

Her actors How to Get Away with Murder‘s Viola Davis, Grey’s Anatomy‘s Ellen Pompeo and Scandal‘s Kerry Washington — in addition to the mastermind Ms. Rhimes herself — are taking a step off the sound stage and into the ongoing political debate with a new video endorsing Hillary Clinton. The spot was shot by Tony Goldwyn, Scandal‘s President Fitzgerald Grant. (So he’s got to know a thing or two about presidential endorsements, right?) 

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Entitled “Real Life,” the spot draws a distinction between their characters — some working in the political arena — and Clinton.

“I make television filled with the kind of characters I imagine we can all be,” said Rhimes in the segment, which dropped right before her Thursday night lineup aired. “Strong, but flawed. Human, but extraordinary. Our characters are on television, but the real world has Hillary Clinton — a bona fide, rolls up her sleeves, fights for what’s right, in it for you, won’t back down champion for all of us.”

As Variety reports, a spokesperson for ABC clarified that the spot is not an endorsement, commenting, “This was a paid political advertisement placed on a number of stations. Broadcasters are required by the FCC to carry these ads.”

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Predictably, the ad got both love and hate on Twitter.

Watch the full video below.

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