Kim Richards defends Brandi Glanville’s drinking habits

There may be no beverage as synonymous with the Real Housewives franchise as wine. (See: The Real House Wines of Long Island parody.) So how does a star who refrains from drinking handle the pressure?

Kim Richards, who was arrested in April for public intoxication, has opened up about how she deals when her co-workers crack open the white. Brandi Glanville, who is known as so much of a wine lover that she merchandised her own vintage, often gets criticism from fans for drinking around her sober friend.

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Glanville’s habit isn’t a problem for Richards, reports The Inquisitr. “[Brandi’s] not constantly drinking,” Richards says. “She likes to drink when she goes out. When we’re together, she doesn’t drink. When we hang out and do our thing, she doesn’t drink around me.”

Richards is defensive of Glanville’s drinking habits, which she maintains are simply social. “When we’re [social] and we go out, all the girls drink. I’m just curious, why is it bad for Brandi, but it’s not bad for all the other girls because when we go out to a thing, they all drink,” Richards says.

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If anything, Glanville wants the other housewives held to the same standard as Glanville. “So, when I’m with Brandi, she doesn’t drink,” she’s careful to reiterate. “So, why is Brandi a bad friend, but they’re all not bad friends?”

In the RHOBH universe of backstabbing, questioning if someone has Lyme disease, and talking about each other on camera, it’s nice to see Richards standing up for her friend. Brandi, enjoy that wine, girl.

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