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Rebel Wilson raises awareness after sharing her scary encounter in a club

Rebel Wilson recently had a terrifying night out, and she’s taken to Twitter to inform fans about it — and warn them of the dangers of having your drink spiked.

Wilson tweeted a reminder to all her fans, “especially to all the girls,” to be extra careful with drinks in clubs and bars.

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She continued, choosing not to name the venue but rather suggesting that it was a “trendy club,” and explained how after drinking just one drink, she felt “super tired and disorientated.”

Wilson reassured fans that she got home safely, but felt absolutely awful the next day. She also encouraged her followers to take action and get themselves to safety as soon as possible, if they find themselves in a similar situation.

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While Wilson was lucky enough to have realized what was happening to her and had not drunk more than a third of her drink, the situation could have been far more dangerous. However, Wilson’s willingness to speak out about her experience will hopefully create awareness and remind us all that this can happen to anyone.

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Fans have reacted to Wilson’s tweets, thanking her for sharing her story, with some bravely choosing to share their own.

Are you surprised to hear what happened to Rebel Wilson? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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