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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first bonded over their personal crises

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are great together, and while the whole world knows they are an item, the details about how they first got together are a little more vague.

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However, it did have something to do with their bonding over personal crises, Stefani revealed during a recent interview with The New York Times.

When she joined The Voice, Stefani’s marriage to Gavin Rossdale was on the rocks, and she found comfort in Shelton as he could relate to what she was going through — having divorced from Miranda Lambert weeks earlier.

He “had been going through literally the exact same thing in literally the exact same time frame,” Stefani told the publication, and it was then that their friendship blossomed.

Stefani channeled all of her emotions into her new solo album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like, and collaborated with songwriter Justin Tranter, who noted it was not just sadness and pain that was poured into the album, but also happier feelings (which we think can be safely credited to Shelton).

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“We had anger, we had sadness, we had flirtation, we had sexy, and now we’re madly in love,” Tranter said. To which Stefani added that the shift in her emotions had been “crazy,” she said, and, “Never in my wildest, craziest dreams would I ever have seen this coming.”

There have been a lot of changes in Stefani’s life during the past few months, and the divorce was not something she had foreseen in her future.

“I literally was so sheltered and naïve, and that’s a lot why I think I got myself into so much trouble, in a way,” she said, reflecting on her childhood, when, according to the publication, she “presumed she’d one day lead a happy family like the one her parents had built.”

Stefani now has shared custody (50 percent) of her three sons — something she is clearly not happy about.

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“It’s like, the most unjust, unbelievable system,” she said, adding that the only blessing in it was she had time to heal and write.

Stefani has taken a difficult time in her life and turned it into something beautiful, and while Blake Shelton helped with this, the credit should be given entirely to Stefani, whose resilience and strength has been on full display.

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