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Bachelor Ben Higgins’ mom may have revealed this season’s winner (VIDEO)

Ben Higgins’ mom has a definite preference whether the The Bachelor star gives the final rose to Lauren B. or JoJo, and she’s revealing it in this new The Bachelor sneak peek. But will Higgins really choose the woman his mom, Amy Higgins, favors? 

Rumor has it Ben’s mother plays a crucial role in deciding which woman the Bachelor chooses in the end.

“Amy thought one girl would be a better fit. Of course, that’s the one he proposed to,” a reported insider told Life & Style.

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Ben’s mom reveals who she thinks is the best fit for the Bachelor in this new finale sneak peek. Does that mean we now know who the winner is?

“JoJo is way more my style, just because you refer to her as, ‘The first person who will reassure me and tell me it’s gonna be OK,’ and that, for me, was really all I needed to hear,” Higgins’ mom reveals to her son in the clip above.

“I couldn’t be more confused,” Higgins replies. “I just don’t know.”

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“If I had to pick for Ben, I mean if the decision was mine, I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with anything personal towards either girl,” Amy continues in the video. “But if I was to make that decision for Ben today, if it depended on me, I would pick JoJo.”

“I’m super, super proud of you,” Amy goes on to tell Ben. “You’re an amazing man and whoever you pick is going to be blessed.”

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Does Ben choose JoJo or Lauren B. in the end? We guess we’ll just have to watch the finale on Monday to see who gets the finale rose and an engagement ring.

Ben’s mom says she just wants him “to find that person that he can say, ‘Until death do us part.” Aw, don’t we all?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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