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12 ways the Scandal presidential candidates are better than our real ones

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it’s hard to watch Scandal and not wish that these politicians were real and actually running for office in the wake of the real-world primaries right now.

Here are the top reasons Scandal‘s presidential candidates are way better than our real ones.

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1. Most of them truly want to make a difference

Now, I’m not sure what’s in the hearts of many of our real-world candidates, but it’s hard to imagine they’re as passionate and excited about the chance to make big changes as Scandal‘s candidates are. And that’s just unfortunate.

2. They are educated on the issues

And not only are they educated, but they have ideas about how to fix things. Our real-world candidates seem to have a lot of big, idealistic ideas to throw around without a lot of application to back them up.

3. They don’t bicker like little boys and girls

I was shocked in the last Republican debate when most of the candidates spent more time arguing and throwing insults than actually discussing the issues. It’s a shame.

4. They don’t feel the need to talk about their genitals just to get attention

Enough said.

5. They’re more qualified

A senator, a governor and a senator/first lady. Now, we definitely have comparable real-world candidates in the running, but some of them leave a lot to be desired.

6. Olivia Pope would have their back

Sure, right now she’s Team Mellie, but assuming that Susan or Vargas were to win, I’m sure Olivia (Kerry Washington) would still be game to offer advice, and that’s a world I want to live in.

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7. Vargas doesn’t want to be on TV

He was initially very hesitant to appear on Sally’s program because he didn’t want the attention. Wait, a politician who doesn’t want attention?

8. Vargas genuinely cares about education

He’s all about helping America work to get free education for the sake of his children. Can we do that in real life, please?

9. And Vargas thinks using his shooting tragedy as a political advantage would be “unseemly”

It makes him even more of a hero because he doesn’t want to use his hero-making situation as a political platform. Most of our real-world candidates can’t get enough of the words “I” and “me.”

10. They have integrity

Uh, what a concept!

11. They don’t want to compromise that integrity by making decisions just for political gain

Susan compromised herself tonight when she didn’t support Vargas’ plan despite the fact that she actually liked it. But all it took was some words of wisdom from Fitz and she snapped back to her old, passionate self.

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12. I’m having a hard time deciding who I want to win because they’re all so good

Unlike our current race, which has me undecided because I feel like there aren’t any truly inspiring candidates running, I’m undecided on Scandal because they’re all so good. Last week, I was Mellie all the way, but Susan is definitely catching up and Vargas also may end up winning me over.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all of our real-life candidates are missing all of these qualities — but maybe they are. Unfortunately, it’s become a hard game of figuring out who among them isn’t lying. And it’s a sad game we shouldn’t have to play in the race for the biggest, most influential position in our country.

Which Scandal character would you most like to see run for office in real life? Which of their qualities do you wish our real-life candidates actually possessed?

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