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Survivor‘s Alecia Holden blasts Kyle Jason’s ‘rude’ attitude toward women

She was verbally beaten down and labeled “blondie” by her Brawn tribemates on Survivor, who are now getting slammed on social media for their bullying behaviors. But Alecia Holden didn’t back down. When we talked with her after getting voted off, she revealed how she actually stood up for herself in several scenarios we didn’t see on the show.

SheKnows: A lot of viewers have been saying you were targeted by nothing more than two bullies. Do you agree that Jason and Scot are bullies?

Alecia Holden: Nothing was said to my face. It was said behind my back and in the interviews. The fourth episode is the first time they actually started saying things to my face. That is when I stand up for myself. I go straight to Scot to address the situation. I don’t care how big you are; I wasn’t intimidated by those guys whatsoever. A lot of the time it wasn’t said to my face. Had it been said to my face, there would have been a lot more confrontations because I do stand up for myself. Like Jeff [Probst] said, I really don’t take lip from anyone. Most of the time they were talking bad about me was all behind my back. They were rude. If you have two daughters [like Jason] and you’re gonna go on there and act like that toward women, that’s just gonna portray you in a bad light to the public. So that’s on them.

Scot Pollard, Kyle Jason and Alecia Holden work at Brawn tribe on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: So you really didn’t realize how bad they were talking about you until you watched the show?

AH: Exactly. They did try and alienate me and stereotype me from day one. I wasn’t as big as them. Even Jason said, “Let’s get Alecia out,” back on day one. They stereotyped me from the beginning and I don’t think they were ever wanting to give me a chance in the game with them.

SK: Jason has become a target on Twitter with many people spewing anger in his direction for the way he’s been acting on the show. Do you think he deserves the negative reaction from viewers?

AH: I 100 percent think the negativity toward Jason is deserved. He has no respect in the way that he speaks to women and girls. It’s just a terrible example, especially having two young daughters who have to grow up and see the way their dad acted. That is not a role model whatsoever. I definitely do think that Jason is not a good role model. He’s a very negative person.

Alecia Holden at Brawn camp on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

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SK: What exactly happened in the scuffle between you and Jason when searching for the hidden Immunity Idol? Was there something we didn’t see?

AH: I definitely did make the mistake by telling Cydney. In the moment I just wasn’t thinking. Cydney told Jason; she pretty much ratted on me. Then, I see Jason take off running. When I get out of the water, Cydney says, “Alecia, go! He’s going to get the Idol! Go! Go! Go!” She was kind of trying to play both cards. When she says that — this wasn’t shown — I run up where Cydney and me were before. Me and Jason are both digging as much as we can. Jason finds the clue for the Idol. He and Scot are in the corner talking while I am over at the tree tying to machete down the tree that has the key box on it. Then I hear the producer, “You can’t cut down that tree!” Then, I decided to climb the tree like Tarzan. I’m halfway up the tree when it starts rocking back and forth. I had to get down from the tree. Then Scot was trying to push the key out of the key box. When he does that, Jason throws me to the ground. I had cuts on my legs from the rocks. Once again, no respect for women. He knew what he was doing. He intentionally, as hard as he could, shoulder slammed me into the ground. You couldn’t see it as much on the show, but I still have a scar on my leg from it. Jason is just ruthless and has no respect at all for anyone. It’s not a good way to be.

Alecia Holden at Brawn tribe's beach on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: In your opinion, is Scot or Jason worse?

AH: I would definitely say that Jason is worse. They didn’t play any of my interviews in the beginning when I was talking about Jason. I feel like a lot of my opinions were cut short. They didn’t show me standing up for myself as much as they should have. In the first episode, we’re on the boat and we’re grabbing all the items we can. Cydney ran out of space so she started shoving fruit down her pants. We get back to the camp and the guys were alienating me. Cydney got the rotten fruit, threw it on the ground and was like, “Don’t eat that. That was down my pants in the challenge.” What do I do? I go and feed it to Scot and Jason. Why that wasn’t shown, I don’t know. I definitely stood my ground more than what was portrayed. A lot of the time, the things weren’t said to my face. Scot says, “You’re a cheerleader. That’s all you’re good at.” Really? Half your NBA career you were on the bench cheering your team on, so he must know all about being a cheerleader. He was like the dinosaur of the tribe. He was just the old one who didn’t do much around camp. He wanted to be with strong people. He said I was the weak one. Well, if you don’t have clean water and you don’t have food, you’re weak. Your body wears down. Scot tried to do the fire for 15 minutes and said, “I quit,” before sitting in the shelter for five hours snoring. I was out there for five hours, but it’s because we had a rain storm the night before. Before the show, I could make fire in 15 minutes. We had a rain storm. Everything was wet. Once I did get the fire, we did have water and that brought strength to our tribe. For all the stuff they said about me, I don’t feel like they really contributed around camp. They didn’t want to go fishing. Other tribes had fish. We had no fish. I asked them every day to go fishing. They didn’t want to go fishing. They wanted to stay under the shelter and sleep all day. Really? It’s pathetic, honestly.

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Kyle Jason and Scot Pollard swim at Brawn tribe's beach on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: After your tribe lost Immunity yet again, Jason suggested they hold an impromptu Tribal Council to vote you off immediately right there on the beach. You didn’t agree to that idea, forcing them to have a formal elimination. So what happened within those hours from the end of the challenge until Tribal Council actually started?

AH: I tried to get Cydney to vote against them. It didn’t work. I tried to find an Immunity Idol thinking there would be some type of twist. Jason was just having outbursts. He was being crazy. He couldn’t get the fire to work. I went up and was like, “Do you want me to help you?” He was like, “No!” He throws the flint. He throws the coconut. He gets mad and throws it as hard as he can and storms off. He was frustrated because he couldn’t get fire. The reason we lost the fire in the first place is because Scot and Jason agreed to get up during the night and maintain it. They didn’t. They overslept. We go into this challenge with no clean water once again. No food. Between the first time they got fire, they never got another fire going until the time I left. It was rough out there. I was throwing up from dehydration before the Reward challenge.

Alecia Holden voted off Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: Do you see yourself ever mending fences with Jason and Scot? Can you see yourself being friends with them outside of the game?

AH: Absolutely not. It’s a game. I understand that people lie, people are shady and people are mean. But the respect level they have, I think that goes outside the game and projects how they are as people and how they treat people in their everyday life. Those are not people that I want to ever associate with. They are not the person they want their daughter to hang out with. They need to take a look in the mirror with that one.

SK: Have you heard from either of them since the show started?

AH: No.

Brawn tribe battles in intense Reward challenge on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: When I give you a name, I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. Let’s start with Jason.

AH: All talk.

SK: Scot.

AH: Old dinosaur.

SK: Alecia.

AH: Never quits.

SK: It turns out you missed a tribal swap by just a hair, so how disappointing is it to know your fate in the game could have changed drastically had you made it through one more elimination?

AH: It was heartbreaking. I think they threw the challenge. What wasn’t shown is when I was on the puzzle and I’m saying, “Switch. Switch.” Jeff said, “Alecia is asking for a switch and getting no love from her tribemates once again.” They were standing there laughing at me. I might not have been a physical threat, but I’m a social threat. They knew the swap was coming. They knew I was gonna put a target on their back. They knew I was going to tell about the Immunity Idol. I’m on the puzzle, they won’t help me and they’re laughing. I think they threw the challenge to get me out because I’m a social threat. I was going to put a target on their backs and they knew that.

Cydney Gillon and Alecia Holden compete in Immunity challenge for Brawn tribe on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: Do you think being placed on the Brawn tribe was the right designation for you?

AH: I did feel like I belonged on the Brawn tribe. Strength isn’t always just physical. People look at me like why is she on the Brawn tribe? With everything we were going through, I never cried. I never felt bad for myself. I didn’t give up at all in the game. I think if I did make a swap or merge, I would have been a very big threat in the game. I would have continued to push and not give up.

Brawn tribe arrives for challenge on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: If Jason and Scot apologize to you at the finale, will you accept it?

AH: I highly doubt they would do that. I will accept the apology if I would never have to associate with them. I would never try to be cool with them. I would accept their apologies, but I would never try to hang out with them.

SK: What is it like from your perspective being there as Caleb was medically evacuated?

AH: So much was going on at once. It was just crazy how many people were going down at one time. The challenge was just so hard. I thought I was digging my grave and I was gonna die in the hole I was digging. It shows fans this is real. This show is real. It’s not staged. This is real stuff going on and it’s not something that most people can do.

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Alecia Holden in Brawn tribe's shelter on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

SK: How did you get on Survivor?

AH: I applied for it and they contacted me within 24 hours. They were like, “So, you must really like the show.” I was like, “I know this is gonna hurt my chances. I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ve only seen like maybe an episode or two, but I thought it’s something I really wanted to do. It looks like a challenge.” They kind of laughed at me and made me watch a season. They ended up picking me. I wasn’t a superfan or anything.

Alecia Holden competes for Brawn tribe on Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Image: CBS

Do you think Alecia is right about Jason and Scot being bullies? Do you think she belonged on the Brawn tribe? Did she say anything in this interview that surprised you? Would you ever want to see her play the game again? Join the conversation and leave a comment now.

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