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Bringing Up Bates delivers on the most emotional episode yet

Bringing Up Bates Season 3 has definitely delivered on stirring up some hefty emotions, but tonight’s episode was moving in a whole different, impactful kind of way.

Sure, Michaela and Brandon’s wedding made me bawl like a baby because it was so fairy-tale romantic, but tonight’s episode struck me for a different reason.

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This episode was all about giving back and it definitely touched me right in the heart.

First, the family headed out to spend a day training with the local sheriff’s department after being inspired by eldest son Zach’s recent graduation from the academy.

The family was sure to make a point of expressing just how grateful they were to the men and women at the academy who keep our streets safe. But more than that, it was inspiring to see Zach take the lead and show his family the ropes. Gil could barely get through one day of training and yet Zach had endured 11 weeks!

But then I had to grab the tissues for the next part of the episode when Lawson, Kelly Jo and a few of the siblings headed to the local children’s hospital to spend some time with the kids.

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We were introduced to Lawson’s buddy AJ Cucksey, who is a patient at the hospital and has a tumor that’s pressing on his optic nerve.

“It’s serious,” Lawson explained. “But you meet him and he’s just like a lightbulb. His energy is just — it’s amazing.”

AJ even brought his electric guitar for the jam session with Lawson.

Kelly Jo put it best, “You could tell that Lawson has kind of became a role model to him. It was a tear-jerker because, I mean, if anybody should be admired it would be this little fella.”

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But more than making me grab for the tissues, this episode served to show the importance of giving back and how a simple hospital visit can mean so much to these kids who just want to be normal.

Did this episode make you even more emotional than Michaela and Brandon’s wedding?

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