Blake & Gwen's relationship reportedly creating rift with The Voice co-star

Mar 10, 2016 at 3:39 p.m. ET
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Is there a feud brewing on The Voice?

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Multiple sources say the budding romance between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani is rubbing another star the wrong way: returning judge Christina Aguilera.

Aguilera was reportedly annoyed by Shelton and Stefani's on-screen romance, but now that Stefani is returning to the show as a consultant for Shelton's team, their spat has allegedly become a full-on feud. According to Radar Online, Aguilera's sour feelings about the love connection were magnified when producers started offering the couple cash to play up their love on the show.

"Blake and Gwen are getting an interesting offer from the show’s execs," a source told the site. "Producers want the two of them to give fans a full-on love-fest this season when she is a mentor on Team Blake, and they are going to throw in huge bonuses for exclusives, such as on-air duets, engagements, etc."

Meanwhile, sources say Aguilera is jealous that her "replacement" is getting paid more because of her relationship with Shelton, and has been "throwing mini tantrums about it" because she "wants Gwen out of the picture."

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An insider also revealed that Aguilera is quick to badmouth Stefani, saying she's "not vocally talented" and she "would not be on the show at all anymore if it was not for her relationship with Blake."

The good news is that Aguilera's feelings don't seem to be affecting Shelton or Stefani. Sources say Shelton "really does not care what Christina does or says," and continues to focus on his relationship with Stefani.

"He is a completely different person now because of Gwen, so much more laid-back," one insider said. "He said that he’s grateful the show is the reason that he and Gwen found each other."

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