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7 incredible moments in Tom Sandoval’s ‘Touch in Public’ video

Any self-respecting Vanderpump Rules fan immediately googled “Touch in Public” or “Tom Sandoval music video” after Monday’s episode. Of course, during the ep, we saw parts of the video for the Charles McMansion song “T.I.P.,” but parts won’t do under a circumstance like this. If you haven’t yet seen the video, watch it first (you’re in for a treat) and if you have, let’s please discuss these seven amazing moments in it.

1. The clothes, the swagger

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Sandoval has rudely been criticized by people on YouTube, saying he can’t sing. But, when you’ve got a bespoke suit and cockiness like this, who cares? Do you, Tom.

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2. This dude’s moves

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No clue where Sandoval found this guy or how much they paid him — or, you know, if they paid him — but anyone willing to get up on a fiction book like that deserves a raise.

3. Lala Kent’s dancing

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You can’t work at SUR and make a sexy, sensual music video without having Kent it. Holy hotness!

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4. The good vibes

From what we saw on Vanderpump Rules, the day they shot “T.I.P.,” it was good vibes only. There wasn’t any drama, arguments or negativity. And when you think about who wasn’t at the shoot, it kinda makes sense.

5. The guitar

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Not sure who had the idea of gluing a bunch of (rubber) male body parts to a guitar, but no doubt, Alejandro González Iñárritu would be proud. Or horrified. Either/or.

6. Seeing Ariana Madix let loose

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One of the things we love about Madix is that she never gets drunk and makes a complete ass of herself. She’s got her stuff together. But that said, it was kinda awesome to see her unleash her inner wild child in the video.

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7. Sandoval’s ambition

Vanderpump Rules is amazing entertainment, but, let’s be honest here, not too many of the people on the show seem to be uber-motivated to do much beyond bartending, serving, and partying. Good for Sandoval for doing something… regardless of what people think of it.

What did you think of “T.I.P.”?

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