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Dr. Luke’s lawyer slams claims his job’s on the line over Kesha rape case

Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald and Kesha’s legal drama has been a hot topic in recent weeks, and now there are reports that the producer’s job with Sony Music Entertainment is on the line.

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Rumors have been swirling that suggest Dr. Luke — who Kesha accused of being emotionally, mentally and sexually abusive toward her — may be dropped from his Sony Music Entertainment contract over the allegations, with an insider telling Us Weekly, “It’s being discussed.” Adding, “It’s a legal issue, so it’s not an easy thing, and a lot of people need to weigh in.”

Another source told The Wrap that the label may opt to cut ties with Dr. Luke because their relationship was becoming too “publicly contentious.”

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“There is no contest. Kesha has no case in regards to her contract, but they can’t afford the Adeles of the world out in the streets calling the label unsupportive,” a source told the publication. “The fact that this hasn’t already been taken care of with Luke is confusing, especially for people in the building.”

It’s true that many influential celebrities have made it clear they are Team Kesha and have publicly voiced their support for her. However, it appears these rumors are just that — rumors.

“This is not true,” Dr. Luke’s lawyer said in a statement to E! News on Wednesday. “Luke has an excellent relationship with Sony. His representatives are in regular contact with executives at the highest levels at Sony, and this has never come up.”

However, Sony has opted not to comment — TMZ reached out to the label, which simply replied with “no comment.”

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