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Details about Ben Higgins’ big Bachelor proposal revealed

No matter how many times we see a proposal story on The Bachelor, we still want every detail. There have been some grand gestures and some shocking snubs. But Ben Higgins didn’t want any of that when he planned his November proposal.

He’s a man of tradition after all.

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Before he proposed to his fiancée (we won’t know who it is until the finale), he made sure to call her father and ask for permission. Us Weekly reports Higgins even did a little victory shout when he received the father of the bride’s blessing.

When it was time to pop the big question, Higgins dropped to one knee and offered her a three-carat emerald-cut diamond set in platinum from famed jeweler Neil Lane. She said yes, because who says no to a three-carat ring and Higgins? The couple then got to enjoy some time in Jamaica.

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I hope for her sake, she enjoyed that time, because when they left she had to watch Higgins tell the other woman that he was also in love with her. Higgins told Us Weekly that his fiancée was “angry and sad” but that they have worked through all the emotions with open communication and understanding.

Higgins is confident that he made the right decision when he proposed to his fiancée. He said, “I know I found true love.”

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All these details are making the excitement for The Bachelor finale even higher.

Do you have a guess for who Higgins proposed to? Let me know!

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