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Camille Grammer tweets troubling news about Kelsey Grammer’s past

Camille Grammer isn’t afraid to air ex-husband Kelsey Grammer’s dirty laundry to everyone. She decided to hop on Twitter on Tuesday to talk about Kelsey’s past legal issues — specifically, the accusations that he had a very inappropriate encounter with a minor. Yikes.

The Bravo reality star tweeted to her fans, and the rest of the world, “Kelsey had a sexual encounter with his daughter’s babysitter. The girl was a young teenager. He was in his late thirties. He hired Roy Black.” Camille also added that she wasn’t aware of Kelsey’s legal issues until the month before their wedding and it “made [her] take a pause.”

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It should be noted that Kelsey was accused of having sex with the underage babysitter during a trip to New Jersey in 1993, but the grand jury refused to indict the actor on the charges, which is probably why Camille didn’t pause for too long before they got married. But it didn’t stop her from bringing it back up now.

Camille was trying to explain how she knew Lea Black, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Miami (whose husband represented Kelsey during the ordeal), but I think she might have just wanted to use it as an opportunity to take another jab at her ex, who we know she isn’t the biggest fan of.

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The exes are famous for bickering back and forth for all the public to see, but this is too far. Any claim of sexual abuse, especially when a minor is involved, shouldn’t be thrown around lightly. This isn’t a he-said, she-said Bravo drama — claims like this should always be taken seriously. And it seems that Camille has also thought better of her unnecessary tweet, because it has since been deleted.

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Hopefully this won’t spark a whole new feud and the two can keep their dark secrets to themselves.

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