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Pretty Little Liars: Why Caleb and Hanna need to get back together

So many things have changed for the Liars after the Big A reveal and the five-year time jump, but the thing that really made fans’ jaws drop didn’t have anything to do with A. Hanna and Caleb’s breakup floored fans, who assumed these two would be ready to walk down the aisle after five years. Instead, the two halves of Haleb are now dating other people, with Caleb now romancing Hanna’s BFF Spencer. Those Spaleb moments may be cute, but this writer hasn’t given up hope for a Haleb reunion — and I know that plenty of other shippers feel the same way. 

Right now, it seems like Hanna and Caleb are committed to being friends, but if PLL showrunner I. Marlene King’s cryptic message about ships means anything, it’s that we shouldn’t give up hope that the friendship could blossom into romance. But could there be a downside to a Haleb lovefest? While I’m still rooting for these two to make it work, here are a few pros and cons of Haleb getting back together down the line.

Pro: They’ve changed and matured

Hanna and Caleb are now far older and wiser than they were in high school, so the petty stuff that would have come between them in their younger years means less. Plus, after having dealt with three separate As, they know that they can count on the other.

Con: Their priorities have shifted

Caleb and Hanna broke up the first time because Caleb felt Hanna was getting too sucked into the New York fashion scene — he just wanted her to be the Hanna he fell in love with. Hanna may have done some soul searching after quitting her job, but she’s still just as ambitious in her fashionista aspirations, and there’s a chance Caleb won’t ever be onboard 100 percent for that.

Pro: They’ve experienced other relationships

Hanna and Caleb were one another’s first big loves, and since then both of them have gone on to be with other people. If they were to get back together, it would be because they realized that no one fit them better than each other.

Con: One of those relationships was with Spencer

Ah, the elephant in the room. Spencer is already uncomfortable with Caleb and Hanna teaming up to take down A (and, um, what was with that super-intimate hand-holding, Han?!), so you can be sure she wouldn’t be cool with Hanna and Caleb getting back together, even if it was long after Spencer and Caleb ended their romantic relationship. Hanna was understanding of Spencer’s feelings toward Caleb, but unless the show wants to do yet another time jump, I doubt that Spencer will be cool with her BFF dating her ex immediately after they split.

Pro: Her mom really likes Caleb

Ashley and Caleb have always had a cute friendship, so it’s safe to say that Ashley would be very happy to have Caleb back in their lives.

Con: Jordan seems really nice

While there’s always a possibility that Jordan is A and, therefore, not as nice as he seems, he seems like a pretty decent guy right now. If Hanna does fall back in love with Caleb, we’re going to have a super-sad Sweet Home Alabama situation on our hands, with Jordan as Patrick Dempsey.

Would Haleb make you happy or are you hoping that these two stay with their current love interests? Sound off in the comments!

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