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Avril Lavigne sparks more Chad Kroeger reunion rumors (PHOTOS)

Avril Lavigne caused quite a ruckus with her recent Instagram photos, and with them proved that marriage and relationships can be quite “Complicated,” indeed.

Lavigne posted a super-cute photo of herself with her ex-husband, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, working on some music together in the studio. They both looked very happy — Lavigne especially — but since there was no caption with the image, we have no idea what is causing her to smile so widely, besides the fact that she is sitting next to a man she loved enough to marry.
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This is far from the first time Lavigne and Kroeger have been spotted together since she announced their separation last September. They were back in the studio together just a month after announcing their split and were seen leaving another studio together in December. Just three weeks ago she posted several pics of the pair at a pre-Grammys party after walking the red carpet together and looking quite cozy, including this one.
“Grammy Party ….. Feeling great. Lovely night,” she wrote.

So are they back together or what? Neither has commented yet, but the red carpet walk is especially telling — and fans definitely have their hopes up.

“@avrillavigne please tell me are you together again?” wrote Instagram user nataliaclaudinosilva.

“Chavril forever! Love you together,” wrote juliiabn.

“So glad to see you back together you make a great couple,” wrote melissav0007.

“Please just have a baby already!” wrote evhead_4d.

It remains to be made officially official, but all signs point to yes!

Lavigne’s sad separation announcement last fall came in the midst of a years-long battle with Lyme disease, and at the time a pal said that Lavigne was not exactly crying over her guitar.

“All that the two of them did in the past couple of months was fight because his career is basically over and he has been trying to stop her from reinventing herself like she is trying to do,” a source told Radar Online.

“She is more than OK right now, though, especially now that she is no longer in a bitter and sexless marriage with a man that she did not find attractive to begin with.”

Hopefully they’ve gotten that little detail resolved!

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