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Little Women: LA drama heats up over Briana’s bachelorette party (VIDEO)

Headed to Mexico?

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Maybe not.

A sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Little Women: LA reveals that there’s some drama surrounding Briana’s Mexican bachelorette party: She didn’t originally want to invite all the women.

In the clip, all the ladies are having drinks together when Jasmine makes the big announcement.

“I would like to invite you ladies to my good friend Briana’s bachelorette party. We are going to Mexico!”

The announcement is met with less-than-excited faces from the rest of the women, before they start to share their true feelings about attending Briana’s destination bachelorette party.

“I can’t go to Mexico right now!” Elena exclaims in a private interview. “I just found out that I’m pregnant. I really don’t want to be in another country, throwing up because of my morning sickness right next to my girlfriends throwing up because of too much tequila.”

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Terra is the next to voice her concerns.

“Briana, what do you think of everyone coming?” she asks. “Was that your idea?”

Briana replies, “I’ll be honest: It wasn’t. I talked to Jasmine and she gave me a really good, positive perspective in that I want to move forward. At this point, whoever truly wants to be there to let the past be the past and support me in my marriage, I would love to be there.”

In an interview, Terra tells the camera, “Lo and behold, Briana doesn’t even want us to come. So why am I being invited again?”

Check out the whole tense conversation, including the drama that comes when Briana’s family is brought up, in the clip below:

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Do you think the ladies will show up for Briana’s bachelorette party?

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