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Nick Carter poses with former Backstreet Boys for new zombie film (PHOTOS)

If you love boy bands and zombie movies, you are in luck — Dead 7 is right up your alley.

Written by Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, Dead 7 tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic Western town besieged by zombies, and the gunslingers who battle them. Pretty standard fare as far as zombie movies go, so what’s the hook? This one features no less than 13 star musicians, most from boy bands.

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We’re talking Carter, Howie Dorough and A.J. McClean from Backstreet Boys, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick from *NSYNC, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada and Dan Miller from O-Town, Delious Kennedy from All-4-One, plus rocker Art Alexakis from Everclear and Tommy McCarthy from No Authority.

Sadly missing from the list are any members of New Kids on the Block, as well as Niall Horan from One Direction, Mel B of the Spice Girls, Sisqó and Paul McCartney, despite Carter reaching out to them on Twitter.

The flick is being brought to us from Asylum, the same peeps who made Sharknado, so definitely expect that level of tongue-in-cheek ridiculousness.

Carter shared a first look at the promotional art for the movie on Twitter yesterday, and it looks like those cowboys mean business.

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He also shared this still, on Instagram, of A.J. McClean’s character having a particularly bad day.

“@skulleeroz and #debrawilson are absolute bad asses in our movie #dead7 #april1 @syfy @theasylumcc,” Carter wrote.

The best news? It’s airing soon. April 1, to be exact — and that is no joke.

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