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Kim Richards calls her Beverly Hills arrest a blessing in disguise (VIDEO)

Kim Richards is ready to dish.

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It’s been months since Richards’ bout of legal trouble, which included arrests for shoplifting at Target and trespassing at a Beverly Hills hotel. Now, she’s sharing some details, but only about one of those incidents.

On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked about Richards’ shoplifting arrest right away, but she made it clear she wasn’t going to talk about it, calling it a legal issue and saying, “I can’t discuss that.”

That left her hotel arrest, and Richards didn’t hold back on sharing all the details of that night.

“I drank that night. No excuses,” she said. “I had a son that wasn’t well. He had been sick. Monty was battling cancer. No excuse, but I stopped focusing on myself. I stopped taking the time for me and going to meetings because I was taking care of other people and stopped taking care of myself.”

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Richards also blamed drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for contributing to her relapse.

“Lisa Rinna accused me of using and alcohol and drugs. I hear her now telling people, ‘She lied! She wasn’t sober for three years!’ I was sober for going on three and a half years,” she insisted.

According to Richards, she started drinking again a few weeks before the hotel incident. Then, the night of her arrest, she had a drink at her daughter’s home, where she was watching RHOBH reunion shows. Embarrassed about relapsing in front of her daughter, she decided to leave.

“She only lives a block and a half from the hotel. I knew I couldn’t drink and drive, so I pulled into the hotel,” she shared. The hotel was closing, though, and workers told her she couldn’t stay, even as she tried to explain that she was worried about driving after drinking.

“He said if I didn’t leave, he was calling the police. I thought he was joking. One thing led to another,” Richards said.

The incident, however, was a blessing in disguise for Richards, who said it encouraged her to seek help for her addictions.

Watch Richards tell the whole story of her relapse below:

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