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Kyle Richards reacts to Lisa Rinna’s ‘unbelievable’ accusations on RHOBH

Thanks to social media, the drama doesn’t have to end with the credits on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle Richards is going after Lisa Rinna on Twitter after a conversation in which Rinna accused Richards of having fake empathy for fellow castmate Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease. Foster’s sickness has been the cause for debate among the housewives almost since her diagnosis, with many of her castmates insinuating or straight-up asking if she’s faking her symptoms.

They’ve started to refer to the disease where a patient imitates a disorder for attention by its name — Munchausen — which is a kinder way of implying that Foster never had Lyme in the first place.

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On last night’s episode, Rinna claimed that Lisa Vanderpump is the orchestrator of the bad will against Foster.

She said, “I really tried to be Lisa’s cheerleader because I really do love her in so many ways. But she really has done some things and I wanna be honest about it now cause I feel like I was protecting her… Both Lisa and Kyle talked plenty about Yolanda and whether she had Munchausen or whether she was faking it, and they sent pictures back and forth to each other. Pictures back and forth to each other, giggling, absolutely.”

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Kyle Richards wasn’t going to stand for being smeared. She tweeted her response to the scene:

Richards ends her argument like only a true RHONY shade queen would: “Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions.” Lisa — she’s looking at you.

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