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Grimm: 5 things Nick and Monroe’s Black Forest discovery could mean

Since Season 1, Grimm fans have been wondering about the mysterious key Nick’s Aunt Marie left him. Then, when Nick’s mother told him there were seven keys forming a map leading to something in hidden in the Black Forest, it all became even curiouser. Well, during Friday’s 100th episode, Nick and everyone else learned exactly what those keys led to — and it’s not what anyone expected. 

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Last Friday’s episode ended with Nick and Monroe uncovering what appeared to be a church’s foundation in the forest. Even though the episode left fans on a cliffhanger and with Nick and Monroe falling into an opening, it all worked out in the end.

The two fell into the catacombs of a church and using their National Treasure minds (Nicolas Cage would be proud), they finally found the hidden treasure. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get it open without Monroe’s lock picking set, so they decided to just go back to Portland and open it there.

Obviously, their journey back home wasn’t without adventure. Remember the priest and the group of Wesen hunting down Nick and Monroe? To make a long story short, Nick and Monroe managed to escape them, but not without one of the Wesen biting Monroe first. More on that bite (yeah, it’s worse than it sounds) in a bit.

Monroe, Grimm
Image: Tumblr

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After finally arriving in Portland, Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, Wu and Hank gathered in the basement of the spice shop and finally cracked open the box. So, what was in it? A stick. That’s right, a stick, which is what nobody expected. Before anyone could try to figure the true meaning behind this stick, Monroe fell very ill because of his bite, which Rosalee thought to be blood poisoning.

While helping Monroe, Nick had the stick in his hand, which touched his friend. Before anyone knew it, Monroe was healed and totally fine. Boom. End of episode. That’s what a 100th episode should be. With that, let’s talk about this stick and what it means.

1. Its healing abilities are beyond powerful

Most obviously, it’s a healing stick. I mean, how else do you explain Monroe’s wounds going away on the spot? That said, can it heal anyone and anything? Does it have a healing expiration date? There are so many questions, but there’s no doubt this is the most magical and powerful thing anyone has seen yet on Grimm.

2. It might cause an even bigger war

A Wesen uprising is already in full effect, but can you imagine if anyone else finds out about a healing stick? A lot of blood could be spilled for its powers. There’s a clear reason the seven knights hid it for nobody to find.

Drew Wu, Grimm
Image: Tumblr

3. It could be a magic wand

Is Grimm entering the world of Hogwarts? Whatever the case, that stick sure looks like a magic wand. Maybe it can do more than just heal. If you notice the GIF above, it looks like Wu has been onto something for a while now.

4. It might be Adalind’s saving grace

Adalind’s Hexenbiest side is coming back, and she is not happy about it. Can you really blame her? Anyways, since the suppressant is wearing off, Adalind will soon turn back into the thing she hates most, but maybe, just maybe, this stick is her answer? If it can heal wounds, maybe it can cure her as a Hexenbiest once and for all. It’s Grimm, anything can happen.

5. It may even get rid of someone’s Wesen side

In keeping with what’s mentioned above, maybe the stick can take away someone’s Wesen abilities? Who knows? I’ll be curious to see how Monroe acts now that he’s been healed, especially if he’s still the same Blutbad fans know and love. Basically, this stick is pure mystery, and I need to know more about it, stat.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

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