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7 Pretty Little Liars characters who could have an elusive twin

With the Pretty Little Liars finale next week, the identity of the elusive twin is tantalizingly close to being revealed.

Of course, I’ve learned not to trust showrunner I. Marlene King at this point. No wonder the woman writes thrillers. She’s just as good at cryptic tweets and interviews that have double meanings as she is with episodes of the same kind.

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Still, King promised us there would be a twin reveal this season, and tonight’s episode all but confirmed that this time; King isn’t being a little liar. (I hope!)

Here are the characters I think could most logically have a twin.

1. Mrs. DiLaurentis

It would seem that Jessica DiLaurentis was the prime twin suspect after tonight’s episode when she appeared to Alison. Granted, it could have all just been some weird dream sequence Ali had at the hospital, but we should know by now that Pretty Little Liars is a master of curveballs.

2. Sara Harvey

This girl definitely has a talent for being in multiple places at once. It seems she’s always popping up at unexpected times. Maybe she has some help with her stealthy ways in the identical twin department.

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3. Alison DiLaurentis

Since Alison already had a sister she didn’t remember in CeCe, it’s hard to believe that she may also have a forgotten twin lurking around but, hey, ya never know.

4. Lucas Gottesman

Lucas has been acting really weird since his return. I can’t be the only one who has noticed that, despite giving Hanna a chance to start her dream business in a remarkably nice gesture, it was also kind of suspicious feeling.

5. Spencer Hastings

The Hastings have had so many shady happenings throughout the seasons that I would be surprised if they didn’t have a twin or two hiding in their packed-full closet of skeletons.

6. Melissa Hastings

If it’s not Spencer, then perhaps it’s Melissa. Girl has been traveling to Europe quite a lot over the years. Could it be that she and her twin are just making up excuses to spend time together away from the rest of the family?

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6. Hanna Marin

Since Hanna (Ashley Benson) wasn’t actually Uber A, like I had thought, maybe her twin is Emoji A. Now that would be a gratifying twist. Could I then say I was half-right?

Who do you think has a twin on Pretty Little Liars?

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