The Voice's Christina Aguilera premieres a new, jaw-dropping duet (VIDEO)

Mar 9, 2016 at 12:52 a.m. ET
Image: NBC

The talent is as impressive as ever on Season 10 of The Voice, but the best singers remain sitting in their comfy red chairs. Tonight, Christina Aguilera proved that she's the ultimate mentor by delivering an incredible rendition of her favorite song, "I Put a Spell on You."

Christina Aguilera is sometimes accused of being a show-off on The Voice, but with pipes like those, who wouldn't want to show off? Most of the time, her so-called showing off is much appreciated, as she arguably has the best voice of any of the show's coaches. She certainly impressed viewers tonight when she joined a fellow contestant for an impromptu duet. Already, viewers are hoping that Aguilera bursting into song becomes a regular occurrence on The Voice.

Christina Aguilera
Image: NBC

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The fun began shortly after an equally impressive performance from returning contestant Joe Maye, who, after making a poor song choice during an earlier blind audition, made up for it with his cover of "I Put a Spell on You." Following Maye's astounding take on the classic hit, Aguilera admitted that it's always been one of her favorite songs to sing — and that she'd someday like to join Maye for a performance. Her fellow coaches were not willing to wait that long, however; Pharrell demanded that Aguilera sing her favorite song on the spot. Always eager to show her stuff, Aguilera complied with this request, and wow, what a performance!

The Voice duet
Image: NBC

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The only coach not happy about Aguilera's performance was Blake Shelton, who had also turned around for Maye. Shelton knew that, after such an incredible performance, he didn't stand a chance. He certainly wasn't surprised when, with no hesitation at all, Maye chose to become a member of Team Christina.

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Although a few viewers felt bad for Shelton, most were too busy fawning over Aguilera's voice to worry much about her main competition. A few disgruntled viewers warned Aguilera not to hog all of the attention, but most of the Twitter responses to her performance were positive.


This is by no means the first time Aguilera has impressed viewers with a stellar performance on The Voice, nor will it be the last. While concerns about her taking the spotlight away from the contestants are valid, most viewers hope that she continues to share her vocal talent whenever possible.

What did you think of Christina Aguilera's duet on The Voice? Were you impressed, or do you think she should leave the singing to the contestants? Comment and share your opinion below.


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