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Why Shadowhunters’ Alec needs to explore a relationship with Magnus, stat

Tuesday’s brand new Shadowhunters proved once again that Malec needs to happen, stat. Not only is the chemistry between the two on fire, but Alec is really struggling mentally and emotionally. If anyone can help him find happiness, I truly believe that’s Magnus.

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Now that Alec and Lydia will soon be married (after meeting each other pretty much two seconds before getting engaged), Jace’s parabatai and Izzy’s brother is going against his family in more ways than one.

From wanting to hand over the Mortal Cup to The Clave, to almost killing his sister’s lover, Meliorn, to thinking the worst of his parents, Alec is kind of taking Magnus’ words of advice in following his heart to the extreme. Plus, I’m pretty sure Magnus meant for Alec to take control of his life when it comes to living an openly gay life, accepting his true self and loving himself for exactly who he is inside and out.

Alec Lightwood
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That said, at least Alec is actually standing up for himself and taking control of his life professionally. I’ll give him that, even though it all might be a bit misdirected. However, the same can’t be said when it comes to Alec’s feelings for Jace or possibly pursuing a relationship with Magnus.

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Clearly, Magnus has the hots for Alec. I mean, he hasn’t been subtle about it, but Alec just isn’t ready or willing to go in that direction yet. As for Jace, he and Clary are kind of a thing. Actually, Jace finally confronted Alec about his feelings for him, but Alec didn’t want to hear it. They literally got in a physical fight about it. Sadly, Alec is experiencing a lot of emotions and doesn’t know how to express himself. It seems that Alec isn’t even sure what he’s feeling at the moment, nor that he wants to accept those feelings, as well.

That’s where Magnus comes in. Pursuing a relationship with Magnus would be beneficial in more ways than one for Alec. No, I don’t just mean physically. Magnus can help Alec come to love and accept his true self. There’s no doubt that Magnus is confident, strong, fearless and doesn’t care about anybody else’s opinions when it comes to his sexuality.

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That is exactly what Alec needs in his life — someone who isn’t going to judge him, who is going to accept him for who he truly is and who will show him how to embrace the beauty of his true self. Rather than Alec ruling with his head, it’s time for him to rule with his heart. Who better to help him do just that than Magnus?

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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