Total Divas' Rosa Mendes reveals whether or not she's returning to the show

Mar 8, 2016 at 4:49 p.m. ET

Rosa Mendes has some big news for fans about whether or not she plans to return to Total Divas.

WWE star Mendes gave birth to her baby girl Jordan just three weeks ago, and she has already made a decision about the future of her wrestling career. The verdict? She will return to Total Divas — but she is definitely not in a huge rush.

"I'm enjoying my time with Jordan so I'm not like, of course I can't wait to get back to work and to get in the ring and see everybody, but right now, [I] just really want to raise her and be a good mom and be the best mother I can be," Rosa told E! News. "Right now I just want to concentrate on her.

"We haven't really discussed when I'm coming back but, because I'm the first pregnant Diva... this has never happened before," Rosa explained. "So we're both kind of like, WWE and I are kinda learning as we go here. So I'll be ready to get back to work whenever they need me."

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But when she does return, fans can expect a special treat: WWE cameras captured Jordan's arrival.

"Actually my labor, like me going into labor and stuff will be on the show," Rosa revealed. "Not my actual labor, but yes, in the hospital and everything."

And she is already dreaming of getting back into the gym, although at just a few weeks postpartum, she looks incredible.


"2 weeks postpartum. In 4 weeks I will be cleared to go back to the gym. Right now I'm just enjoying my time with beautiful baby @realjordanschubenski," she wrote.

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She explained further to E! News, "My body's already been getting back to normal and I'm not even working out yet because I'm not cleared. But I guess because I'm an athlete and I've been so healthy before, my body's just coming back into shape really, really quickly.

"My workouts before I was pregnant were very heavy lifting, very intense, very challenging, a lot of sweat, a lot of kind of screaming sometimes when I'm maxing out, so I'm really, really looking forward to that."

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