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8 lyrics that prove Blake Shelton’s new song is all about Gwen and Miranda

Blake Shelton’s new song “Came Here to Forget” dropped on Tuesday, and, of course, Gwen Stefani instantly took to Instagram to promote her honey’s single.

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Other than the fact that the two are lovey-dovey couple now, should we be surprised that Stefani offered the free publicity? No way, Jose, considering the single is so obviously about Shelton and Stefani coming together and finding love to triumph over their previous heartbreak with exes Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale.

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First, we have to point out that the subjects of the song meet in a bar. Could it be the same bar that Stefani frequented in her live video for “Make Me Like You” that broadcast during the Grammys?

Gwen Stefani at Grammys
Image: CBS

OK, so we know that Stefani and Shelton initially hooked up on The Voice — not at a dive called Blake’s — but it’s awfully cutesy that the couple already likes to hide Easter eggs in their performances.

Take a gander at Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” lyrics for further proof that the song is about Stefani and Lambert.

“You’re gettin’ over him, and I’m gettin’ over her”

The him and her in this line can’t be about anyone else other than Rossdale and Lambert.

“Misery loves company, that’s why it’s you and me”

Rumor has it that both Rossdale and Lambert’s alleged affairs are what led to quickie divorces from Stefani and Shelton. It’s no secret that Stefani and Shelton probably bonded over the fact that they were horribly wronged by their spouses.

“Stealin’ these little sips”

Let’s substitute the bar setting for the set of The Voice and the sips for glances. Stefani and Shelton were stealing little looks and glances at each other long before they confirmed they were a couple — while romance rumors raged.

“Doin’ our best to make the best of the worst of it”

Both Shelton and Stefani publicly admitted that their divorces put them through the ringer. Stefani referred to her situation as a “horrible, crazy explosion,” and said she “just wanted to be in bed crying and do what you do when your life falls apart.”

“Keep playing them songs, keep singing along”

Sources say Shelton’s new album will feature a duet with Stefani.

“Gettin’ even with her and with him before the night is over”

If Shelton and Stefani are using their relationship to get even with Lambert and Rossdale, they’re certainly getting the job done. They pack on the PDA and have infiltrated pretty much every corner of the media.

The only thing worse than seeing your ex doing amazingly well after a rough breakup is seeing your ex doing amazingly well with another hot celeb. Their romance certainly hasn’t been bad for business, either. Double burn.

“We can’t remember what we came here to forget”

Even if Stefani and Shelton did start dating to forget Rossdale and Lambert, it sure seems like Rossdale and Lambert are the furthest things from their minds now.

“Fall in love just enough just to get us through what we’re getting through”

Not that we don’t love Stefani and Shelton together, but their romance has all the classic makings of a rebound relationship. Wonder what Stefani thinks of this lyric?

Listen to Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” below and let us know if you think it’s about Stefani, Lambert and Rossdale in the comments.

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