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Kim Kardashian has the perfect (naked) response to slut-shamers (PHOTO)

In the early hours of Monday morning, Kim Kardashian made the decision to post a naked bathroom mirror selfie to flaunt her curves — although not everyone was impressed with the picture.

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Kardashian received some harsh feedback from critics after they took issue with the photo that saw Kardashian go completely nude, except for the fact that her lady bits had been censored out with two black bars.

But it was Kardashian’s reaction to the backlash which was noteworthy, because instead of curling up and crying, she tackled the criticism head-on and in the best way possible. How, you ask?

She posted another photo of herself in the nude, along with a simple yet empowering caption, “#liberated.”
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You may not agree with Kardashian’s decision to share nude photos on social media, for a number of reasons, but what you can admire is the way she handles criticism and how unapologetic she is for her actions, and her body. In fact, her body positivity should be inspiring to other women.

Kardashian was feeling particularly feisty on Monday, and while she usually ignores drama on social media, she also took aim at some of the celebrities who voiced their opinions on her selfie with a series of tweets.

She slammed Piers Morgan for offering to buy her some clothes.

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And she called out Bette Midler, who was equally unimpressed with the snap.

In life, you cannot always please everyone, but you can stay true to yourself, and that is probably the most important lesson we can learn from Kim Kardashian’s reaction to her nude selfie backlash.

Do you agree? Did Kim Kardashian handle the criticism in the best way possible? Is her response brilliant? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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