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Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute, James Kennedy make relationship confession

It’s like a moth to a flame. Kristen Doute and James Kennedy just can’t stay away from each other on Vanderpump Rules

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Despite hating one another for pretty much all of Season 4 (or at least acting like they did), Kristen and James just proved they still have feelings for one another — or that they just needed one good night of sex. That’s right; after meeting up for dinner and drinks (thanks to James bombarding Kristen with texts), Kristen and James got it on.

As Kristen put it, “We were definitely boning.” That they did. Not only did they have sex, but they did it in the parking garage of Kristen’s apartment building on top of her car, according to James. The story doesn’t end there, because Stassi Schroeder grilled Kristen about her evening with her ex.

Well, Kristen pulled a Jax and revealed only part of the truth to her rekindled bestie. She just said that the two only made out. Yeah, she clearly omitted the part where they “boned.” Though, as Stassi said in her confessional, she is still “gathering evidence” and “looking for inconsistencies” with Kristen’s story. Soon enough, you know the latter will be discovered.

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Kristen Doute
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James Kenendy
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Let’s face it, James is not going to keep his mouth shut. I mean, he already told Lala Kent. The way SUR works, everyone will probably know by the time the Season 4 finale airs next Monday. By “everyone,” that most likely includes Kristen’s current man, Carter.

Oh yeah, she is still dating the bearded fellow. That said, I’m wondering if she told him this little piece of information before the episode aired. If not, he just found out. Side note: Did you know that Katie Maloney and Carter once had a one-night stand? That is another bomb that was dropped during Monday’s episode.

Moving on. Based on the promo for next week, Lala and Kristen get into a huge argument. So much so that Lala pushes Kristen. Oh, snap. Would this have anything to do with Lala being jealous about Kristen hooking up with James? Whatever the case, let’s hope none of this drama will ruin Katie and Tom Schwartz’s engagement party.

I guess some things never change, especially when it comes to Kristen, James and their completely dysfunctional relationship.

Vanderpump Rules‘ Season 4 finale airs Monday, March 14 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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