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Ashley Darby has had enough of trying to please the RHOP ladies

If RHOP‘s Ashley Darby didn’t already regret inviting the crew to her beach house, she definitely does now.

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Poor Ashley Darby. And I mean that in the sense that she’s worthy of sympathy, it’s not a comment on her finances, because those are definitely resplendent. On last week’s episode of RHOP, she invited the group to her beach house in Delaware and, with a few exceptions, they behaved abhorrently. (Did you know some people had to sleep in twin beds? And share bathrooms? Unbelievable.) On Sunday, the adventure continued, as Ashley tried to keep everyone happy with fancy dinners, a trip to an old-time photo place and a drag show. For the most part, it actually worked, until the last night, when her husband Michael showed up while the ladies were at a club.

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If you watch the Real Housewives franchise, you know that the girls’ weekend is a part of almost every season, regardless of location, and it almost always culminates in disaster. Some notable examples: The fight in Miami on this season of RHOA; and, one of my favorites, the time on RHONY when everyone went to St. Barts (except for Aviva and Reid) and they were having a lovely, drunken time until Aviva and Reid showed up and then there was a giant, screaming meltdown. The point is, on Sunday’s RHOP episode, Ashley’s efforts at a flawless second half of her own girls’ weekend were finally paying off — until her husband Michael materialized on the last night of the trip, and then everything fell apart.

The women, particularly Karen, were furious about Michael’s presence, feeling like he violated their space and was a distraction, but Ashley had had enough, stating that, since it was the last night of the trip, she didn’t see anything wrong with ending the girls-only part a little early. I believe she uttered the phrase “I don’t care”. While everyone seemed to get over it after their initial annoyance (a spectacular game of beer pong happened later that night which included Michael), Karen refused to let it go, claiming that, had she known Michael would show up, she wouldn’t have come, since she told her husband that the weekend would be man-free. (She’s still totally mad about the time she threw that party on the boat and Michael got super drunk and tried to remove his pants in front of everyone.) 

It’s no wonder Ashley’s at the end of her rope. She’s been trying since her arrival on this show to make a good impression on the RHOP ladies, although it’s become more than clear that her version of fun isn’t always theirs (i.e. whiskey tasting in the basement of a bar). I can’t blame her for wanting Michael there; he’s in her corner, after all, which is definitely more than we can say about the ladies she’s been hanging out with all weekend.

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What did you think about Michael showing up at the girls’ weekend? Should Ashley have been more understanding, or does everyone just need to chill? Tell us in the comments!

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