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Mob Wives: 20 best moments from the series ever

Let’s mark the occasion of the series finale of Mob Wives with a list of the show’s best moments. 

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1. Drita yelling at Lee on the phone while he was in jail

At the beginning of the series, Drita’s husband Lee was in jail for armed robbery (I think? Dude committed a lot of crimes) and it wasn’t totally clear when he would be home, which elicited screaming from a tired and frustrated Drita, who was holding the house and two daughters together on her own. Also, she sent him chicken cutlets and meatballs and Vanilla Coke on a regular basis.

2. Every scene shot in Lady Boss Cosmetics

Oh, for a spinoff involving Drita and the goings-on at Lady Boss. She opened two stores over the course of the show and intended for both to be places where the ladies could congregate without screaming at each other, and also enjoy getting made up.

3. Every scene shot in the Drunken Monkey

I will miss hearing Ang pronounce the words “Drunken Monkey.” I’ll probably rewatch every episode in an effort to hear her say it. Ang’s beloved bar was the site of many a conversation, fabulous party and drag-out brawl.

4. When the ladies surprised Renee by inviting Karen to her birthday party

Season 1 was largely about Karen’s return to Staten Island and Renee being mad that Karen was still alive. Drita, reunited with her old friend, and Carla decided to invite Karen to Renee’s party. Guess what? They screamed at each other. Good work, Drita and Carla.

5. Las Vegas

In Season 5, the ladies, including new cast members Alicia DiMichele Garofalo and Natalie Guercio, took a trip to Las Vegas. They went to the Mob Museum, got super drunk and gambled. Oh, and also Renee lingered creepily by a pool while clearly on some substance, and she and Natalie almost murdered each other.

6. When Natalie called the ladies “sea hags”

You really don’t need to know anything other than that, because how fabulous is the phrase “sea hags”?

7. Every time food was made

Even if it was for a dinner party that ended in chaos, the mere mention of food, and the sheer quantity of it that was prepared, was beauteous.

8. Renee and Carla’s fight over Carla’s boyfriend

Carla had a boyfriend. He said a thing to Renee. It was possibly sexual. Renee didn’t like him. She told Carla. They had a fight. Renee refused to let it go. There was a dinner party. Fin.

9. When Renee called Jr. for backup

Throughout seasons 1, 2 and 3, Renee was obsessed with trying to rid herself of the “lifestyle.” Except she wasn’t, really, because she definitely enjoyed the perks, and kept getting sucked back into things with her ex-husband, Jr. At a bar with Karen, a dude kept making advances, so she called Jr. to come by and look threatening. It worked. Dude apologized.

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10. Yoga in the Hamptons

Carla organized a delightful weekend in the Hamptons in Season 6 — the same weekend when the tension between Brittany and Marissa began. Ang was not a fan of the early morning yoga and kept chanting “mimosa.” God bless her.

11. Drita “rapping”

Usually, reality TV stars who make music are insufferable, but there was something really charming about Drita’s enthusiasm about meeting Method Man while working on her own song in Season 4.

12. “You smell delicious”

The moral of the story is don’t talk to Renee’s boyfriend, even if you’re trying to pay him a compliment. When Natalie Guercio met Renee’s boyfriend, she told him he smelled delicious and it sent Renee down a rage spiral that lasted an entire season. Later, Natalie debuted her song “Delicious” at Renee’s book party.

13. Alicia

Alicia was a calm and lovely addition to the cast in Season 4, who was tangled up in some nasty legal drama because of her husband. It was hard to watch her deal with the repercussions and also sad to not see her again in Season 5.

14. Renee and AJ

Oh, these two. Renee worries about AJ and his relationship with his father, AJ thinks his mom is a nutter, AJ gets a lot of parking tickets, tears his Achilles tendon, wants to move out, has a girlfriend. Renee gets her house fumigated of spirits so AJ and Andrea (girlfriend) will move in, because apparently independence is frowned upon.

15. Ramona

Another cast member who only lasted a season. Ramona may or may not have actually been related to Karen. She was so good at everything she did — having shiny hair, threatening people, fighting with Carla, meeting up in restaurants for tense situations, etc.

16. Renee’s plastic surgery

This wasn’t so much a great moment, at least not for Renee, who had her full body plastic surgery run amok and almost died as a result, 

17. The time Karen wanted to grow weed

Yeah, you read that correctly. Karen Gravano, whose father is in prison because of drug trafficking, thought about getting into the medical marijuana business. Spoiler: She didn’t.

18. When Big Ang called in Victoria Gotti

Things were so bad at one point between Ang and Renee that Ang arranged for them to meet with Victoria Gotti in a very fancy and empty restaurant to hash things out. It worked, because you do not mess with Victoria Gotti.

19. Big Ang and Drita in the health food store

With an order from her doctor to eat better in Season 6, Drita and Ang head to a health food store with a list that includes beets. They laugh about the smell of the place and Ang talks about how much she likes garlic. It’s magnificent.

20. Nude models

Before Ang went in for surgery, Carla arranged for the girls to attend an art class involving nude models. It was one of the last times the group was together and happy, and it reminded fans of what was truly great about this show.

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What do you think were the best moments of Mob Wives? What do you think of the series finale? Tell us in the comments!

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