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Kim Richards sets her boundaries in The Mother/Daughter Experiment fight

The Mother/Daughter Experiment is already a seething cauldron of drama, and Kim Richards is right in the middle of it all.

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On the second episode of Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment, we learned that, apparently, Kim Richards and her daughter, Kimberly Jackson, don’t resent each other for anything. In a therapy exercise involving bags that were supposed to contain things, the mother and daughter pair opened bags that turned out to be empty. Great? But, mostly, shocking. It’s hard to believe that dealing with her mom’s addiction for all these years wouldn’t create some resentment in Kimberly, but if it did, she’s not in a place where she can admit it. (Heidi wormed her way back into my heart for a second when she said, “I may be the one with plastic surgery, but you’re the one that’s being fake.”) 

So Kim and Kimberly might be holding back in therapy, but things changed quickly when cast member Natalie Nunn yelled at Kimberly and Cassie, Shar Jackson’s daughter. Apparently, people in the house googled her and found some less-than-flattering stuff, which tends to be what happens when you google a reality TV star. Kimberly and Cassie were in the kitchen getting snacks when Natalie started yelling, and I can’t emphasize enough how much they resembled normal, not-on-TV teenagers who just wanted to eat while watching Netflix in their beds and probably talking about what an insane situation their mothers have dragged them into. Natalie proceeded to scream and flail, accusing them of telling everyone about the street fight she and her husband got into at some point in the not-so-distant past. When Kimberly and Cassie told her that they weren’t the ones who said anything, Natalie was not convinced and wouldn’t relent, refusing to let the two girls leave the kitchen until she dismissed them. Big mistake, Natalie.

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It was then that Kim got involved, telling Natalie to knock it off. I thought there was going to be tension between Kim and Natalie, but I imagined it would stem from the fact that it seemed like the show wasn’t going to address Kim’s addiction issues. It’s certainly simmering among the rest of the cast (see Heidi’s comment above), but this time, it looks like that’s not the issue at all, at least not right now. If you’ve seen Natalie on TV before, you know she’s not someone with great control over her temper, and we’ve definitely seen Kim fly off the handle before on RHOBH, so… yeah. Good luck resolving this one, you two.

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