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Is Farrah trying to patch things up with her former Teen Mom costars?

On Part 2 of the Teen Mom reunion special, Farrah returns to the stage to face her costars and confuses fans with her behavior. 

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On the first part of the Teen Mom reunion, Maci and Ryan acted like reasonable humans toward one another, Ryan refused to talk about the girlfriend he totally has, Farrah discussed that incident with the producer, and Dr. Drew blamed Debra and Michael for Farrah’s behavior — and also for everything Sophia will do in the future. This week, Catelynn and Amber were on the couch (Butch also appeared virtually, and April, Kim, Gary and Matt in real life) talking about postpartum depression, when your fiancé lies about having a bunch of kids, custody and Tyler’s wedding vows.

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At the end of the hour, Dr. Drew invited all four moms out so he could ask them what kind of birth control they’re currently on (Maci was conspicuously silent) and also so they could address the issues they’ve been having with each other. It was a brief segment, but surprising. Apparently, there’s no conflict between Maci and Farrah anymore, and Farrah and Amber also seem to have dealt with their issues. Farrah maintained that she’s moving forward, except when it comes to her and Catelynn, who had a bizarre, non-specific argument onstage. Farrah made the solid point that it’s hard for her to maintain relationships with the girls when they’re saying mean things about her on social media. And then Catelynn apologized to Farrah for stuff she’s said. It was all so even-handed and reasonable and normal, it was like watching a different show with a bizarre version of Farrah. Is this the same person who hit Larry the producer, threatened to quit and spent an entire season (fine, several seasons) screaming at everyone for reasons mostly unknown? What is going on?

What’s probably going on is that Farrah would like to come back to Teen Mom next season, in spite of essentially quitting in the season finale. Farrah, because of her excruciating behavior, makes for some reliably excellent (I am using that term very loosely) TV, but letting your kid wear makeup and badgering your sort-of boyfriend for an engagement ring is so not the same thing as screaming at and pushing a producer because he won’t let you out of the contract you signed. It’s likely going to take more than “whoops, sorry” for Farrah to get back into MTV’s good graces. So either her reasonable behavior toward her costars on the reunion is actually a sign of her maturing or she’s realizing that she can’t keep acting this way if she wants MTV to keep putting out the sweet money. Or both. Or neither, and what we saw was an extreme editing fluke. Anything is possible, right?

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