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Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale’s former nanny makes huge announcement

The nanny who may have broken up Gwen Stefani’s marriage is pregnant, and tongues are wagging about who that baby’s daddy could be.

Mindy Mann, the nanny who reportedly carried on a three-year affair with Gavin Rossdale, only to be found out through incriminating text messages, is pregnant, according to an announcement on her sister’s Facebook page.

“I am excited to announce I’m going to be an aunty to another beautiful baby! #auntynoodle. Mindy Mann Cayla Black Jennifer Mann Carly Fradgley Spencer Gutcheon,” Nicole Jennifer Mann wrote on the private, friends-only post obtained by the Daily Mail.

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While she does not explicitly state that it is her sister Mindy who is pregnant, that is who is listed first in the message, so people are definitely making the assumption, and social media posts from other friends and family members back this up.

Her mother wrote a message on her private page, saying, “Poor grandma lives too far away. Maybe I can fit him/her in my luggage and bring him/her home to Aussie.”

And a pal wrote, “So much love this baby is going to be brought into, so happy for you all, yay #pintsizedbabyontheway.”

Another assumption people are making is who the baby’s father could be. While Mann is dating snowboarding instruction Spencer Gutcheon, who is also named in the post, she is still in close contact with Rossdale — the pair even had lunch together as recently as last week. In December, his car was caught in the parking of the nursery school where Mann now works — and no, his children do not attend.

So could Rossdale be the father of Mann’s child? A friend said no way.

“Gavin is adamant he didn’t get Mindy pregnant,” an insider told Radar Online. “They haven’t been together for more than a year. Gavin has moved on from that time in his life.”

As far as their lunch date goes, the friend insists they are just good friends. “He does maintain a close friendship with Mindy, and hopes to always be in her life.”

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Apparently, Stefani is buying this story. “She could [sic] care less about that girl or what is going on in her life,” the source explained. “But naturally, Gwen is relieved she won’t have to be introducing her three boys to a new sibling!”

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