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Johnny Depp had a cameo on The Walking Dead — sort of (VIDEO)

Attention all avid The Walking Dead fans: Johnny Depp made a guest appearance on last night’s episode — did you catch it?

Well, not really a guest appearance — more like a head appearance. Yet, maybe not even that. Perhaps we could call it a remodeled-decapitated head appearance? Yes, you heard that correctly: a severed head has been framed to look like Johnny Depp.

Director Greg Nicotero admits that the last severed head revealed in the episode for Negan’s Saviors was purposely modeled after Depp.

The Walking Dead Johnny Depp
Image: AMC

It may be difficult to catch at first: You’re sitting there engulfed in the episode, trying to process the events that transpired during the span of the whole thing. At first glance, the three decapitated heads — heads that Andy, Jesus and Rick chose that were supposed to fool Negan’s Saviors into thinking they managed to kill Gregory — look like ordinary severed heads (at least for the show, anyway). But if you look closely, head No. 3 is an almost-exact replica of Johnny Depp.

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Rick’s intense bashing of one of the severed heads, specifically right in the nose, may have distracted you from the little Easter egg that was hidden in plain sight. Nonetheless, it is just a Depp wannabe. It makes us question what other cameos or comical designs have slipped through our fingers because we were too engulfed in the substance of the episode itself. Maybe now we will keep our eyes peeled so we don’t miss any genius hidden secrets such as this one.

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Go right to 1:19, and you’ll recognize the severed head of fake Depp.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Walking Dead deaths slideshow
Image: AMC

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