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The Family theory: Fake Adam has a secret link to real Adam

The Family already has us questioning everything about the Warren family, and it’s only the second episode.

And though there are plenty of questions to be answered in Season 1, the biggest is obviously if “returned” Adam is the real Adam.

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My theory is that the answer is “no.”

But just because the impostor Adam might not be the real Adam, doesn’t mean fake Adam doesn’t have good reason for being there.

He has clearly been through a lot. The detectives’ investigation proves that the kid has at least experienced a trauma since he was right on about that basement with the view of the “dragons.”

Perhaps the man who held him hostage also held the real Adam down there. And the two of them were assaulted and tortured together until Adam eventually died, while this impostor survived.

If this theory is correct, impostor Adam must have a really solid reason for pretending with the Warrens.

Maybe he doesn’t have any family to go home to.

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Or maybe someone is offering him a chunk of change to pretend.

My guess is that impostor Adam is actually completely innocent, and it’s really Willa and Claire who are the villains of this story.

They are clearly desperate to win this election to the point that they will even put the victory ahead of family.

Plus, we found out tonight that Willa already took Adam’s old dental records before Danny could get to them. Is this because she’s running her own test? Unlikely, since she and Claire have been so insistent that he’s the “real” Adam, even though it’s all so suspicious. Rather, I think she stole the records so no one would be able to investigate deeper into his past.

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The series’ sneak peek teaser, “But if you think you know where this story is going, you don’t know this family,” have me believing it’s less about Adam and more about the dirt the Warrens are hiding.

Do you think the returned Adam is the real Adam or an impostor?

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