8 new Quantico storylines that are too confusing for their own good

Mar 7, 2016 at 2:57 a.m. ET
Image: ABC/Phillippe Bosse

Quantico's mid-season return included so many sub-plots that it left us spinning... and maybe not in a good way.

Whoa, Quantico — what happened? The midseason return kicked off with a three-month time jump that left Agent Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) completely on her own against the tide of public opinion, FBI agents and congressional hearing members convinced that the twin bomb blasts which devastated NY and the FBI were the work of one sole ex-FBI agent.

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Of course, we know better than everyone else on the show that Parrish is right and not just too bereaved to think clearly... right? In the meantime, the return episode introduced a lot of new subplots and twists that kind of left us scratching our heads.


1. Why doesn't anyone believe Parrish?

At every turn, Parrish has proven herself to be right, and yet still no one believes her. Instead of rallying around her, everyone — including Booth — has turned their back on her. So now all of the friendships she had built up over the course of her fugitive investigation are on the rocks again. Even more confusing is that, once Parrish tells the congressional committee that she no longer believes there was a second terrorist, her "friends" get even more upset with her.

2. Simon's meltdown


What happened to Simon? Sure, the mid-season finale left him the victim of a terrorist kidnapping... and sure, he woke up clutching the remote control to the bomb that blew up 32 FBI agents — but wouldn't that make him more determined to get to the truth instead of laying all the blame on Elias like a patsy? Also, has everyone forgotten that is was Simon's weird fantasy bomb plot that set this whole thing in motion in the first place?

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3. New cast members


Who are these new NATs and will we grow to care about them or are they just a distraction? It feels weird to suddenly see new faces causing all kinds of frustration for our original cast members. But even weirder is the fact that they're supposedly the "upper" classmen, and yet Shaw combines both groups of trainees — even making them room together — for reasons completely unknown.

4. Shaw's son and the twins

The kidnapping of Shaw's delinquent son, Charlie, has been cropping up all season. But why are Nimah and Raina suddenly getting involved? And what does it mean that Nimah contacts Charlie's kidnappers? Is this how they get involved with the terrorist cell they eventually infiltrated at mid-season end?

We have to admit though, the scene between Nimah and Charlie commiserating about racism in America felt particularly relevant.


5. Shelby's non-sister

So now Caleb and Shelby (who's no longer working with the FBI) are going to do an off-the-books investigation into what happened to Shelby's fake sister? OK... except, why and how and really? So another pair of agents are going to head off in a completely different direction, proving that the rest of the season really is going to be very different from the first.

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6. Who's blackmailing Parrish?

We still don't know why Parrish has been at the center of the terrorist's plans. The most likely theory is that it has something to do with O'Connor and her ex-FBI agent father, but that's just conjecture. It's all so personal and yet still too vague. And now, at the end of tonight's episode, Parrish gets a creepy Scream-esque phone call that draws her out into the dark to find a fellow agent wearing a bomb...

7. The bomber is changing style

Anabelle Acosta in Quantico
Image: Phillipe Bosse/ABC

We admit, Vasquez isn't our favorite NAT, but she has come through for Parrish more than once and doesn't deserve to get blown up. But there she is, at the end of the episode, wearing a bomb vest and looking only mildly concerned about it. Is she somehow connected to the terrorist, or is she just too cool to freak out like a normal person? Either way, it looks like the bomber is changing tactics and it's super confusing. Why go from blowing up buildings to using individual bomb vests?

8. We still don't know who died

At the end of the episode, the only confirmed death from the mid-season finale's bomb blast is Clayton Haas, Caleb's dad. We know that Shelby was there when he died, and that she's got serious survivor's guilt but, other than that, there were no further confirmations of who was lost.

Even with all of tonight's plot twists, we have to admit that the show has us super curious about what will happen next. And that's probably exactly what the show's creators want.