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GH star Kristina Wagner gets frank with Oprah about her divorce

What do you do when you have intense on-screen chemistry with your co-star, but your co-star happens to be your ex-husband? That’s the exact dilemma General Hospital star Kristina Wagner found herself grappling with after her divorce from Jack Wagner.

In an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? on Saturday, the daytime star reminisced about being a part of an ’80s soap-opera super couple, after the Luke and Laura storyline concluded.

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“I do believe there is such a thing as chemistry. I don’t think it’s something you can create as an actor,” she said. “I do believe it’s something that happens or it doesn’t happen. It’s just a lucky situation that Jack and I were paired up and there was chemistry — on-camera and off-camera.”

The GH actress knew she couldn’t deny there was something between them even when the cameras stopped rolling.

“In being thrown together on-set in a romantic way, I think it was inevitable. I don’t think you could avoid it,” Wagner shared. “Jack’s fun. He’s an entertaining guy.”

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The couple carried on a relationship behind the scenes and eventually went public with their love affair when she became pregnant with their son, Peter.

The duo married in 1993 and had a second son, Harrison, in 1995.

Their fairytale story didn’t have a happy ending after filing for divorce in 2001, only to reconcile for a few years. They eventually divorced in 2006. For Wagner, their final split was a personal game-changer for her.

“This was an awakening. I realized that I really needed to figure out what was going on with me in order to move forward. It’s easy to lose yourself when you are only in your young 20s,” she explained. “You are just doing what is expected of you and not thinking about your own needs.”

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While many people crumble under the emotional weight of a breakup, Wagner thrived.

“I think the divorce was the best thing that could have happened to me,” the mother-of-two said. “And for my children as well because I don’t think I was being a good mother at the time either. I wasn’t making good choices.”

While Wagner didn’t reveal the nature of her bad choices, she knows she emerged from the divorce as a stronger and healthier person.

“I had to deal with myself first,” she summed up. “We ultimately have to take care of ourselves before we help others.”

The exes are still good friends and they are currently starring together on the Hallmark Channel’s show, When Calls The Heart.

If there’s one thing GH fans can’t deny, it’s that the couple still has that sizzle every time they appear on-screen.

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