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Rebecca Herbst’s husband reveals telling details about her General Hospital contract

What is going on with Rebecca Herbst’s contract negotiations over at General Hospital? First, there was the leaked Facebook messages from ABC executive Nathan Varni, and now the actress’ husband, Michael Saucedo, has sent out a cryptic tweet.

For fans hoping that Herbst would return to the ABC show, it looks like contract negotiations have broken down. The daytime star’s husband responded to a fan who was hoping to hear good news about the daytime star staying on GH.

While the actress has been understandably silent about renewing her contract, Varni was pretty adamant that she was the one holding up the discussion. With Saucedo negatively chiming in on social media, it sounds like the two parties have reached an impasse.

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Many soap experts feel the fan-favorite star is being mistreated by the executives at ABC, especially since she has played legacy character, Elizabeth Webber, since 1997.

On the Feb. 16 podcast of Daytime Confidential, Jamey Giddens talked to sources who said Herbst was presented with “an insulting offer given how heavily she plays in the story.”

Reportedly, she turned down the initial terms from ABC. That’s when the rumors about Days of Our Lives began.

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NBC is reportedly considering Herbst to replace Kate Mansi, who played Abby. There are even a few unsubstantiated stories floating out there that The Young and the Restless might bring her on board to play Mackenzie.

Herbst has been silent on her Twitter account since Feb. 26 and given her husband’s telling message, it sounds like she is moving on.

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For Giddens, this really isn’t good news for the fans of GH.

“It’s just shameful,” he said. “It hurts General Hospital to lose Rebecca Herbst.”

UPDATE, March 7: Rebecca Herbst’s husband, Michael Saucedo, reached out to SheKnows via social media to clear up the confusion surrounding his original tweet.

“Anyone that interacts with me online knows that I don’t comment on or give contract updates,” he wrote. “I don’t have anything to say that you want to hear because I don’t have anything to say. Of course, I am happy to chat about a plethora of other topics.”

As of March 7, Herbst’s contract status is still unknown.

Where do you think Rebecca Herbst should go — DOOL, Y&R or stay on GH?

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