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Lady Gaga’s new tattoo honors sexual assault survivors

Lady Gaga went above and beyond by getting matching tattoos with the sexual assault survivors who performed on stage with her at this year’s Academy Awards. 

She’s a powerful musician. Feminist role model. And, because that’s not enough, the winner of a Golden Globe award. There’s really nothing Lady Gaga can’t do — and her newest body ink is proof that she isn’t absorbed in her own celeb world. Lady Gaga’s latest tattoo shows her solidarity with the brave women and men who are survivors of sexual assault and who performed with her on stage at the Academy Awards, when she sang “Till It Happens To You.”

One of the survivors is an artist named Jackie Lin, who designed an intricate black rose/infinity sign symbol (incorporating Gaga’s favorite flower), which the singer had placed on her left shoulder by tattoo artist David Allen. All of the performers agreed to get matching tattoos, and most of them opted to have them placed in similarly exposed parts of their body.

Allen took to Instagram to show off Gaga’s rose tattoo and explain its beautiful significance:
Lin told The Huffington Post the group agreed to get matching tattoos on the Friday before the Oscars and that the design is meant to inspire others to be strong.

“The flame is meant to be very powerful — not something sad,” Lin said. “It’s not something that makes us depressed, it’s just something we can look at and remind us that there are other people going through this together, and we are fighting together.”

Gaga spoke about the tattoo on Snapchat, revealing that she and the survivors “made a pact” and that The Beatles’ “Come Together” played on a stereo in the background while Allen inked her shoulder.

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Lady Gaga opened up to Howard Stern about how she was raped at 19 by a man who was 20 years older than her. She said she didn’t want the experience to “define” her and kept it a secret for seven years. “Till It Happens To You” features powerful lyrics about the fragile emotional state of sexual assault victims.

She used the opportunity to turn all of the attention she has been getting for her tattoo to help raise awareness about sexual assault by using the hashtags #FreeEveryWoman and #FreeKesha and uploading posters about sexual assault to her social media accounts.

Brave, bold and willing to stand for issues and people who matter — Lady Gaga is one celebrity using her fame for the greater good.

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