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The Amazing Race debuts its most adorable showmance yet

In true reality television fashion, The Amazing Race debuted the first budding, on-screen romance, and social media absolutely flipped over it.

In a season where all the contestants are social media mavens and moguls, you knew they would have a hilarious way to get it trending online.

According to the contestants, Brodie Smith and Blair Fowler had smoldering feelings for each other yet hadn’t seen each other along the race trail for a while. So, when the teams got their marching orders to head from South America to Geneva, Switzerland, everyone was giddy hoping that Smith and Fowler were going to get to spend some quality time together.

But no one was more excited to get the new relationship rumor mill spinning than Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, who naturally took it upon themselves to create a pet name for the new couple: Blodie. Then, Oakley and Kuhl took it one step further, asking their fans to get it trending… and the Internet obliged.

Oakley and Kuhl were even quipping about how they couldn’t wait to be flowers girls at the new pair’s wedding one day.

When the teams had to spend the night in a basement during the beginning of this long leg, Smith and Fowler were busted by the cameras (and other teams) getting cozy with each other.

At the conclusion of the episode, we saw “the models” Brittany Oldehoff and Jessica Versteeg get sent home after getting no love from the rest of the teams, who all seemed to be working together to complete the United Nations flag challenge.

What do you think about “Blodie”? Are they the hottest new “it” couple? Or is this just a “showmance”?

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