The Bachelor's Jubilee Sharpe reveals her biggest regrets from the show

Mar 4, 2016 at 5:19 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

The women are already telling all.

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Before the Women Tell All special of The Bachelor even airs on Monday, Ben Higgins' rejected women are already revealing some secrets to reporters.

One of those is Jubilee Sharpe, who was eliminated during the Feb. 1 episode after an emotional confrontation with Higgins.

Sharpe had a great early connection with Higgins, but later became jealous of the other women in the house and at one point, refused to hold his hand, leading to Higgins' decision to send her home. It was one of the most emotional cuts in the season — after asking Sharpe to leave, a tearful Higgins wondered aloud if he had made a mistake.

It turns out that Sharpe, who spoke with Us Weekly at the Women Tell All taping, definitely has some regrets about her time on The Bachelor.

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"I think this show, it didn’t really show a great interpretation of [how] well-rounded and balanced I am — all my different layers all kind of work together," she explained. "I think in a lot of instances, my extremes were shown — extremely insecure, extremely jealous, extremely this, I overthink everything extremely — but in the real world, I have like this balance with it, and it collectively makes a very well-balanced person, and I don’t think we really got to see that."

She continued, "So that’s my only regret. I was obviously me — I was unapologetic, unedited — but also… I shouldn’t have overthought everything. I should have just kind of rolled with the punches, and let come what may."

Sharpe also revealed that although she uses the dating apps Tinder and Bumble, she hasn't been on a date since Higgins let her go.

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