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Insider reveals Ben Affleck’s thoughts on doing a revenge interview

Will Ben Affleck fire back after Jennifer Garner revealed several secrets of their marriage and divorce in Vanity Fair? An insider weighs in on our chances of a revenge interview.

Garner’s interview was quite juicy, if you read between her sweet-as-pie lines. She did not deny that Affleck had a relationship with the couple’s nanny, as has been rumored, only that she did not find out about it until after they had already separated. She also admitted his bad moods are awful and his new tattoo is ridiculous — a sentiment shared by Jennifer Lopez, another of his famous exes.

Now a family friend is speaking out about Affleck’s reaction to the piece and what he plans to do about it.

“[Affleck] knew Jen had done the interview with Vanity Fair,” the insider told Radar Online. “But he was shocked about how in-depth Jen got. Just mentioning the nanny irritated Ben as denies any sort of romantic relationship.” [sic]

Still, he understood why she sat down with Vanity Fair in the first place.

“It was the obvious choice for Jen to give the first interview because she has a movie [Miracles from Heaven] to promote.”

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So does Affleck plan his own tell-all, spilling all the terrible things Garner did to him? Of course not, because she is perfect and can do no wrong. Everybody knows that.

“Don’t expect Ben to do a sit-down tell-all,” the insider said. “He has made it clear there he won’t be discussing the breakdown of the marriage.” [sic]

The pal also added another tantalizing tidbit about the reason why the divorce is dragging on so long.

“The divorce talks are continuing. The finances are complicated because there was no prenup,” the insider said.

The couple has yet to file.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Ben Affleck cheating slideshow

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