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How to Get Away with Murder theories about why Frank killed Lila

So. Many. Questions. That’s what ABC’s mystery drama How to Get Away with Murder leaves us with week after week, and while we may have finally gotten our answer this Thursday about what really happened to Wes’ mom, fans are still totally in the dark about one mystery from Season 1: Why did Frank really kill Lila?

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At the end of Season 1, we finally learned the truth about who was behind Lila’s untimely demise. Though Annalise’s husband Sam ordered the killing, it was Annalise’s go-to guy, Frank, who carried out the strangulation. The big question, of course, is what did Sam have over Frank that would compel him to carry out such a heinous order? While we’re no closer to discovering the truth (ugh, come on, show!) here are just a few ideas about why Frank murdered Lila.

1. Sam could take down Frank’s family

We don’t know much about Frank’s family, but there are certainly a few shady characters in the mix, even if they do make a mean lasagna. Perhaps Sam discovered that some of Frank’s family members were doing some seriously illegal activities, and decided to hold it over Frank’s head until he really needed a favor. Frank might have killed Lila to protect his family members — but, uh, if he wants to use that defense in court, he’ll have to hire Annalise to work out that deal.

2. Sam promised Frank a lot of money

Frank doesn’t seem to be rolling in it, but there’s a chance that Sam made a devil’s deal with Annalise’s assistant just in case his romance with Lila ever went south. Frank could have needed the money desperately (maybe to help his family out of a tough bind) and when Sam called, he didn’t have time to hesitate.

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3. Frank is a contract killer and always has been

While it was shocking to see Frank kill Lila, it’s not exactly like Frank is a totally wholesome dude — he does illegal stuff for Annalise all the time. Frank could have worked as a contract killer for a long time, and Sam just happened to be one of his clients. It would definitely paint Frank in a different light, but having Frank be a certifiable sociopath would be an exciting twist.

Why do you think Frank killed Lila? Sound off in the comments below.

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