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Game of Thrones actor may have revealed the return of Jon Snow (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones fans have renewed hope for the return of Jon Snow, thanks to the latest cast interview.

Ian McShane appeared on BBC Breakfast to promote the upcoming season of the show. McShane chatted a bit about his own character’s storyline, but he knows what fans want to hear: What’s going to happen to Jon Snow?

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“My character is an ex-warrior who has become a peacenik. So I have this group of peaceful — sort of a cult, a peaceful tribe,” McShane said. Then he got to the good stuff. “I bring back a much-loved character who everyone thinks is dead.”

“I bring back a much-loved character who everyone thinks is dead.” If that’s not a Jon Snow spoiler, we don’t know what is. We’ve also seen Jon Snow’s (bloody) face in the posters for Season 6. We believe.

If these thinly veiled references to Snow’s health aren’t enough for you, remember that Kit Harrington was spotted on the Game of Thrones set in Belfast. He could have just been filming flashback sequences. The series is on such deep lockdown that they refuse to send out screeners to the press this year, which means your guess is as good as ours.

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Watch a clip of the interview below.

Games of Thrones Season 6 premieres on HBO on April 24.

Do you think we’ll see a future for Jon Snow? Let us know in the comments.

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